Willy Amadi Public Complaint Commission Commissioner Imo State Sex Scandal

Willy Amadi, Commissioner in public complaints commission of the federal government of Nigeria, Imo State Chief Willy Amadi was involved in a sex scandal with young girls. 

The PCC Commissioner who recorded himself didn’t know that the video will leak and go viral.

Most Twitter comments condemned the action by the commissioner. According to the comments, they are of the view that that’s how our public office holders lavish our money.

Willy Amadi Sex Scandal
Willy Amadi Sex Scandal

The girls are young enough to be his grand daughters.

This is coming few days after the commissioner of environment is also involved in a sex scandal with 16years old girl that accused him of pressing her breast.

Willy Amadi took the video in a background that looks like a government office show the two girls involving in sexual activities for his pleasures. This might be after given the young girls some hot fuck.

This should served as a lesson to all the politician and government office holders using public funds to fuck underage girls; and it’s high time they start facing prosecution for the crime.

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