Sex with dolls

What is Sex with Dolls or a Sex Doll?

Sex with dolls
Sex with dolls

Sex with dolls or adult toys such as sex dolls is designed to help with sexual enjoyment. Love dolls and blow-up dolls are other names for them. A full face and body, or only a head, pelvis, or other partial body, can make up a real-life sex doll. They come with prosthetic vagina, anus, mouth, and penis to help with sexual stimulation.

Vibrating and detachable parts are seen in many current adult dolls and AI sex robots. Sex dolls are anthropomorphic creations designed to exhibit more complicated interactions. They differ from sex robots with artificial intelligence, which are anthropomorphic constructs designed to show more complex interactions.

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Below are some historical background of sex with dolls

History of Sex with Dolls

The use of sex dolls has been documented since 8 AD, and there are numerous love doll stories and research to back sex with dolls. The most basic sex dolls were created by Spanish and French seafarers in the sixteenth century. On long-distance voyages, these dolls served as a companion for sailors who were isolated by the ocean. They discovered that it could, in certain ways, meet their sex life’s needs – both emotionally and physically.

Dutch seamen improved on the concept of sex with dolls later in the 17th century, creating masturbatory love dolls out of hand-sewn and patched fabric. These dolls were a huge hit with sailors from all over the world, including Spain, France, Germany, and others.

“These pleasure dolls, made from stitched fabrics and old garments, are the direct ancestors of today’s lifelike sex with dolls robots, and dolls.”

Japanese ‘Dutch Wives’

Dutch Wives
Dutch Wives

Female sex dolls became particularly popular among Japanese men thanks to the 17th-century Dutch seafarers. These hand-sewn dolls were usually constructed of soft leather. Many stories surround Japan’s fascination with artificial life-like sex with dolls. Even back then, making these cloth or leather dolls were simple. As a result, anyone might easily create one in the privacy of their own house. To this day, most Japanese people call modern dolls “Dutch wives.” Adult dolls have a long and illustrious history in Japan, which explains their popularity.

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Germany – The Birthplace Of Commercial Sex Dolls!

German Sex Dolls

The first commercial sex with dolls’ use of full-size lifelike dolls occurred in the 1950s. The first commercial realistic adult doll, you guessed it, was German. This seductive fashion doll was designed to resemble a comic-book figure named Lilli and was impenetrable. The ‘Bild Lilli doll’ was introduced in 1955 and was given the name ‘Bild Lilli’. The doll was manufactured until 1964.

Sex Dolls Enter The United States

US sex dolls
US sex doll

Selling sex toys and devices through the mail became permitted in the United States in the 1960s. It was then that pornographic periodicals began to publish their advertisements for the first time.

By 1980, sex with dolls was widely accessible in most local sex shops, however, they were mostly inflatable and could only be used once. Only a certain amount of weight could be supported by these inflatable sex dolls. They were, in short, unsuitable for persons of all sizes and needs. However, because there was a strong demand, adult toy and doll makers were able to maintain a continuous supply.

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Sex Dolls are defined as:

Human-like, full-body, anatomically perfect anthropomorphic dolls of various materials (e.g., rubber, plush, silicone, and thermoplastic elastomer) and price ranges that are designed for sexual usage are referred to as sex dolls (sex with dolls). At least one penetrable orifice (mouth, vaginal, or anus) and/or one body component that can be inserted by the user are included in sex dolls (tongue or penis). The sections of the dolls used for sexual penetration or insertion are normally designed to be easily removed for cleaning. The sexual functions of sex dolls are unique, but this does not imply that they are utilized solely for sexual purposes. Their owners typically refer to them as love dolls or just dolls because they can be used as artificial love partners, social companions, or photo models. Most scientists and parts of the media use the word as well.

Genders (female, male, or trans), races (e.g., white, Asian, or African), ages (adult, adolescent, or child), body types, skin, hair, and eye colors are all available in sex dolls. High-end sex doll manufacturers (such as RealDoll Abyss Creations, Sinthetics, and Orient Industry) provide a wide range of selection and customization choices, as well as the ability to create unique sex dolls. As a result, it’s important to distinguish between abstract sex dolls that bear no similarity to a specific human person and portrait sex dolls that are designed in the likeness of a real person (eg, porn star, celebrity, or ex-partner). True-to-life sex dolls, such as Abyss Creations’ RealDolls, are delicate, require maintenance and repair, and are difficult to manage due to their weight, which ranges from 65 to 70 pounds for female dolls and 85 to 105 pounds for male dolls.

Until now, the sex with dolls market has mostly offered female sex dolls with highly sexualized appearances that fit traditional feminine beauty standards, as judged by customer desire (young, slim, pretty face, long hair, and large breasts). Customization, on the other hand, already allows for more body diversity (e.g., androgynous or gender-queer looks), as well as the intentional design of so-called anatomical defects (eg, moles, scars, stretch marks, belly fat, or body hair). As a result, the sex doll industry caters to a variety of customer requests linked to aesthetics (eg, the illusion of perfect supernatural beauty, resemblance to a real person, specific body-related preferences, or fetishes).

Sex Robots are defined as:

Robot doll
Robot doll

Sex robots (sexbots) are human-like, full-body, anatomically perfect humanoid service robots that are meant for sexual usage and come in a variety of materials, technology, and price ranges. Sex robots resemble sex dolls, but they have sensors, actuators, and artificial intelligence built in (AI). To distinguish them from their noninteractive, immobile predecessors, they are sometimes referred to as AI sex dolls or robotic sex dolls. The binary labels fembot and malebot, or gynoid and android, are used to describe gender sex robots. Sex robots have all of the characteristics and functions of sex dolls (sex with dolls), plus they can talk, have emotions, and have preprogrammed personalities. They can also conduct somewhat autonomous behaviors including sexual movement (e.g., hand movement for masturbation) and orgasm simulation. Existing sex robots, on the other hand, have a relatively limited variety of activities. As huge, heavy, and highly complicated devices, sex robots are likely to be difficult to handle and maintain. Sex robots, like sex dolls, are defined by their sexual functions, but they can also be used for other purposes (eg, social companionship).

Sex robots on the market now should not be mistaken with future advanced sex robot notions that include sentience, consciousness, free choice, morality, and potentially even citizen status. Future multifunctional domestic help robots that perform housework and errands, watch after children, give elderly care services, and provide sexual services are also envisaged. These imagined advanced sex robots or multifunctional robots with sexual functions have appeared in science fiction (e.g., the Swedish television series Real Humans or the US film Ex Machina) as well as recent philosophical and legal sex robot debates, but they are still a long way from current technological development.

Sex Dolls and Sex Robots’ Importance

Sex robots are still in the early stages of development, despite the fact that high-end, true-to-life sex dolls and sex with dolls have been on the market for more than 20 years (the leading US company Abyss Creations, producer of RealDoll, was formed in 1997). TrueCompanion promises to be the first company to bring sex robots to market. It first introduced Roxxxy, a female-gendered sex robot, to the world in 2010 and then debuted Rocky, a male-gendered sex robot, causing a media frenzy. For good reason, it is considered now that Roxxxy and Rocky were never more than overhyped prototypes. There hasn’t been a single customer yet, and the TrueCompanion store hasn’t changed in years. Abyss Creations, a well-known RealDoll producer, debuted Harmony, the first sex robot, in 2018, followed by Solana and Henry. Samantha, a sex robot from the Spanish company Synthea Amatus, and Emma, a sex robot from the British-Chinese company AI Tech UK, have both been sold since 2018. All of these sex robots are essentially sex dolls with some limited AI and interactive capabilities. As a result, despite the fact that there are allegedly thousands of experienced sex doll owners worldwide who have created their own distinct doll owner communities with online forums and offline meet-ups, only a tiny number of pioneer users of sex robots exist. This limits the alternatives for long-term sex robot users, use, and consequences empirical study.

Sex robots, on the other hand, have been gaining far more public and scholarly attention than sex dolls (sex with dolls) as we shift into the age of the robot, and sex robots enable interactivity, AI, and partially autonomous behavior. They have, after all, been a staple of science fiction literature for decades. Given the history and relationship between sex dolls and sex robots, it appears appropriate to treat them as a group in this study review on the sexual applications of human-like full-body material artifacts.


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