Chrisland School Girl Video Sex Tape

Chrisland school girl video, a sex tape of Chrisland Schoolgirl.

According to reports, a 10-year-old girl from Chrisland School Opebi Lagos was involved in a sex scandal with her fellow underaged boy and schoolmates.

Chrisland school girl video

Chrisland Girl Likee Account Was Deleted; Watch Video Below:

After quickly gaining over 10,000 followers on the video-sharing app Likee (similar app as TikTok) within few hours after her sex scandal, her account with 276 films of the Chrisland School child at the center of the Chrisland School sex controversy vanished. However, due to her popularity, many fake Instagram and other social media account was created using her handle/username just to gain followers and views. Her handle was “bhadgurl4k” (meaning: bad girl fuck).

Watch Chrisland School Girl Likee videos below:

After the minor’s sex videos trended on Twitter, the account, which had roughly 4,000 followers as of Tuesday morning, swelled to over 10,000 followers and more than 24,000 likes.


When a delegation of Chrisland School students traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to compete in the World School Games in March, the female minor and some male students were said to have engaged in the act.


During the four-day competition, about 76 students claimed to have stayed in a hotel.

In a video released on Instagram by talent manager Ubi Franklin, the female pupil’s mother alleged that her daughter had been drugged and sexually molested by her male classmates, and accused the Chrisland School administration of covering it up.

The school administration, on the other hand, refuted the charge, claiming that “no rape of anyone or the administration of a pregnancy test on any child occurred on our watch.”

The Lagos State Government shut down the school and all of its branches across the state on Monday and ordered an inquiry.

The government has also warned the general public not to redistribute the video or face prosecution of up to 14 years imprisonment.
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Chrisland School Girl Sex Video April 22 Update

Private School Owner Breaks Silent Over Chrisland School Sex Scandal

The National Association of Private School Owners has criticized the closure of all Chrisland Schools in Lagos State due to an immoral act involving kids.

Chrisland had reportedly sanctioned five of its students for the act, according to PUNCH Newspaper.

The pupils committed the immoral behavior during a vacation to Dubai to compete in the World School Games in March 2022.

Following the incident’s controversies, the Lagos State Government ordered the closure of all Chrisland Schools branches in the state for an indeterminate period and warned the general public to redistribute the underage girl’s pornography or face the risk of 14 years imprisonment.

The authorities also warned against releasing a sex tape involving any minors, adding that anyone who does so faces a 15-year prison sentence. This has prompted all websites and blogs that previously published the Chrisland School Girl video to remove it to avoid prosecution. Also, Twitter constantly ban accounts of individuals that uploaded the video.

Meanwhile, so many people are still interested in watching the video. As they were seen pleading with TikTok users and Facebook users to send the video to them through WhatsApp.

The school owners, however, disagreed with the government’s closure of all Chrisland schools, according to a statement issued by their National President, Chief Yomi Otubela, on Thursday.

“While we applaud the Lagos state government’s quick action in investigating the matter, we are concerned about the state government’s recent statement that all Chrisland Schools in the state would be closed due to the sex tape.”

“We believe that closing all of the school’s branches will deprive other children of their right to learn more and those in the terminal courses of their right to continue studying for their final exams.”

“Another source of concern is that, as previously said, the parents are not always accessible to care for their children. As a result, we are concerned about what will happen to these youngsters during the closure.

“However, we endorse the establishment of a Lagos State Monitoring and Supervisory Committee among the Chrisland Schools Management Team till the investigation is completed.”

“We await the results of the government investigation into Chrisland Schools’ alleged gross negligence in allowing students in this age bracket to sleep alone without the presence of a teacher of the same sex, as well as allegations of the school’s poor communication, which included a delay of more than a month after the incident before alerting the minor’s parents to the exact issue.” This will assist us in making well-informed decisions.

“We propose that the youngsters affected be sent to mental health professionals for appropriate assistance and rehabilitation,” according to the statement.

‘Parents and instructors should pay closer attention to their children’s actions.’

According to NAPPS, most studies demonstrate that parents bear the majority of the responsibility for their children’s behavior.

It also requested that school administration and teachers be fully prepared to appropriately protect students placed under their supervision by not disregarding their duty of care to their students.

“While we condemn the deed represented in the said video involving youngsters in its entirety,” the statement said, “we urge for caution from members of the public and enjoin them to avoid from making unsavoury comments regarding the problem for the sake of the minors’ mental well-being.”

“Acts depicting moral degeneration are not limited to schools; the problem affects every part of our society.” Because children are a reflection of the culture in which they live, it is clear that a determined effort will be required to halt the rot.

“Most studies demonstrate that parents bear the majority of the responsibility for their children’s behavior; as a result, parents must have a larger part in creating their children’s future by instilling morally acceptable behavior in them.” They must remember that moral growth in children begins at home. Their efforts will be supplemented by the school.

“Unfortunately, parents are avoiding this obligation and want to delegate it to schools.

“Because of the disregard of parental duty at home, it has become a monumental struggle for the school to make significant progress.” For example, if a child’s background is already skewed and he or she lacks the necessary support from home to effectively engage with the school administration to solve the identified difficulties, one can only guess how that child will fare in society.

“Parents must design a method to control what their children view at home in order to prevent them from accessing adult sites.” Some television programs, such as reality shows, should be appropriately censored by government bodies before being broadcast on cable television.

“School administration must be aware of their responsibilities and act decisively on the issue of morally bankrupt students in their institutions without fear or favor.” To deal with aberrant behaviors observed in their students, appropriate and well-documented procedures must be implemented.

“Every school should have a child protection policy in place, and parents, staff members, students, and other stakeholders should be appropriately engaged on how to assure strict adherence to the policy’s guidelines.” Students’ access to technological gadgets in schools must be regulated so that they can only use them for instructional purposes.

“The society should devote the same amount of attention to boy kid counseling as it does to girl child counseling.” As they reach adolescence, they need to be adequately protected and cared for.”

Latest Update/Gist On Chrisland Girl Sex Scandal April 21

In the sex video scandal that has rocked Chrisland Schools in VGC/Victoria Island, Lagos State, further horrific information have emerged.

Remember when a sex video featuring students from the school who attended the World Schools Games went viral on Sunday?

Five students from the school were featured in a sex tape at the games, which were held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between March 10 and 13, 2022.

Adaure, a social media user who claimed to be aware with the situation, said the problem was brought to the school’s attention even before the pupils returned to the nation.

Shola Ogudu, the baby mother of Nigerian superstar Wizkid, whose son, Boluwatife, attends the school, corroborated this.

Ogudu accompanied Boluwatife on the journey to Dubai.

According to the social media user, the school, in collaboration with the Lagos State Police Command and the Lagos State Welfare Department, had set up a panel to investigate the issue even before the mother of the only girl involved in the scandal raised the alarm in a video that her daughter had been raped while under the influence of drugs.

Close Circuit Television footage of everything that happened in the Dubai hotel where the team stayed had been made available to the parents and other stakeholders, according to Adaure.

“I’m just going to keep it at these points and not say anything else,” Adaure wrote.

“The boys and girls were not housed together.

“They weren’t even on the same floor,” says the narrator.

“Each room has three students.”

“Previously, the matter was addressed by the police, Child Right Protection, and a PTA representative from the school.”

“There was a taped panel that included the parents of the affected children, as well as a representative from the PTA, the Lagos state police, and authorities from the Lagos Child Right Services.”

“In March of this year, when competing in Dubai, this thing occurred.

“Chrisland has all of the CCTV footage from the hotel in Dubai,” he says.

“These children’s parents have also seen the tape, which is why they have been suspended.”

“At night, the teachers take turns checking on them,” the panel said.

“According to information,

“She only had s£x with one boy and no other boy,” she added in the interview. Her parents were also present, as were the authorities in that panel.

“In that video, there was a youngster asleep, and it was that boy who reported that they were messing around in his room.”

“When they came to warn her, she said, “What is it, S£x, I’m a big girl?”
This footage is in the possession of the Lagos state police.

“Until someone linked them to Instagram celebrities, the girl’s parents followed up with the school and police.”

“Nowhere in the footage they have does it show the girl having a relationship with another boy.”

“Since it’s just that boy, they’re unsure what caused the rape twist.”

“During the panel, all of the youngsters, including the girl, acknowledged that it was just her and the male. Their parents, including her mother, were present.

“There’s also no trace of narcotics or anything being given to her… Despite the fact that we can’t guarantee 100 percent.

“The kids filmed the video for fun and to share it with their friends until it was leaked online.”

“Let’s come to a halt here because the stories are deafening.”

“Please be aware that this matter is already in the hands of the police and child rights services, who have had prior knowledge of all of these.”

“They have all of the videos from Dubai as well as the panel recordings.”

“As parents, we have to give it our all.”

“It’s better for me if I did everything I could and the kids still choose to do something else than if I didn’t do enough.”

“May God guide us as parents as we raise these hyperactive, super-intelligent children.”

“I just wanted to include this for reference.”

Chrisland School Girl Video, How It Happened

The offenders are said to have videotaped the Chrisland School girl and shared it on the Instagram social media network.

Ubi Franklin, a well-known music businessman, disclosed the Chrisland School girl video identity as the 10-year-old daughter of a friend.

At the time of the event, the girl had been chosen to represent Chrisland School in a tournament in Dubai, according to Ubi Franklin.

He said that another parent at the school informed the victim’s grieving parents about the incident a month after it occurred.

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Ubi Franklin has the following to say about his Twitter feed:

“I just got off the phone with one of my friends. His 10-year-old daughter has been chosen to compete in the World School Games in Dubai. His kid was r**ped by classmates, videotaped, and shared on Instagram, and the school kept quiet about it for a month.
Chrisland school girl video

He discovered the information on his own when another parent called his wife and showed her the footage of his 10-year-old daughter that had been posted on Instagram. I’ve just spent an hour listening to confessional statements from several professors, and I’m pleading with you to make this a dream.”

Ubi Franklin provided a follow-up statement, stating that the rape victim had been suspended by the school board. He claimed that the school purported to take the girl for a COVID-19 test but instead gave the victim a pregnancy test.

“IMPROVEMENT TO MY PREVIOUS POST. This school pulled the girl away from her parents, who had requested a Covid test, and instead took her for a pregnancy test. The girl is currently being SUSPENDED from school. Some things are completely illogical.”

Ubi Franklin queried why Chrisland School acted the way it did in a follow-up tweet on Monday morning.

“It’s 2:20 a.m. I just left my friend’s house; if you see my friend and his wife, you will cry. How is Chrisland School going to be able to do this? You waited a month to inform her parents? After her family became enraged, I sent her a letter of suspension. This is awful and repulsive.”

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